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Plungers and Accessories

Type B, F, N and K Plungers And Accessories

You can find all plungers, cylinders and mounting systems for Belshaw Type B, F, N and K depositors here - including the new B/F Hopper Divider for 2-color, 2-flavor cake donuts.

  • Type B and Type F plungers are the same, with the same Part Numbers.
  • Type N has the same selection of plungers as Type B and F. But they are shorter, with different Part Numbers.
  • Each plunger must be used with a cylinder of the same size (diameter). If you have two different plungers of the same size, they can use the same cylinder.
  • Type B, Type F and Type N are not supplied with a plunger or cylinder. These are ordered separately.
  • Each Type K depositor is supplied with a plunger. A separate cylinder is not necessary for Type K plungers.

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