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Donut Robot® Systems

Donut Robot® systems allow a single person to produce a greater number of consistent donuts, while allowing the operator time for other tasks such as finishing (mixing, icing, sprinkling, glazing, sugaring, etc) and even packaging and selling. 

Cake Donut (Rings, Mini Rings, Balls/Holes) production requires only a mixer and hopper bowl/depositor, while Yeast Raised Donut (Rings, Shells, Bars) production requires a Proofer and Feed Table to manage the rolled and cut products prior to frying. 

With systems available from capacities of 30 dozen (360 pieces) per hour up to 151 dozen (1,812 mini rings) per hour, the Donut Robot® is the obvious solution and best friend to many donut makers worldwide.  Capacities are calculated at 120 seconds frying time, or 90 seconds for mini donuts.


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