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Esmach TSPI 04

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Esmach TSPI Self-Tipping Spiral Mixer

All the benefits of Esmach's SPI-F mixer, with reliable self-tipping capability.

Esmach's TSPI combines the quality engineering and size options of the SPI-F spiral mixer with a safe, strong and reliable hydraulic lifter. The lifter raises the mixer vertically, and tips it sideways to unload the dough. 

There are two lifting heights, a lower lift for unloading onto a workbench, and a higher lift for unloading into a hopper. Each can be configured to tip either to the left, or to the right. 

The lifting mechanism is designed for safety first. The lifter panel has control buttons that are “hold-to-run”, and releasing them stops the lift right away. It includes a button that rotates the bowl after tipping, to facilitate a complete emptying of the bowl.

If you would like all the benefits of Esmach's SPI-F Spiral Mixer, but with self-tipping ability, then the TSPI is the answer.

Available sizes for Bench Load (BL)

Choose from 80-100-130-160-200 kg

Maximum bench height

35 inch (900 mm)

Available sizes for Hopper Load (HL)

Choose from 130-160-200 kg models

Maximum hopper height

69 inch (1750 mm)




USA-Canada-Mexico-Central/South America

To find out more about Esmach SPI-F mixers:

  • Check the SPI-F Fixed Bowl Spiral Mixer page for mixer features and options. (See Related Products, below)
  • Shockproof thermoformed ABS head cover.
  • Electronic control panel.
  • High-resistant stainless steel bowl, spiral arm and dividing blade.
  • Transparent plastic bowl lid suitable for food contact in compliance with the strictest hygienic and safety regulations.
  • Electric panel housed in an IP55 protection box.
  • Rigid and torsional stress-resistant single-body structure and outer paneling coated with epoxy powders.
  • Access to facilitate inspection and routine maintenance.
  • Hydraulic lifting and tipping system.
  • Column positioned upwards or downwards on the right- or the left-hand side, depending on the tipping requirements.
  • Lifter control device with two-hand and “hold-to run” pushbutton panel including:
    • Up and Down buttons.
    • Button for bowl and arm rotation during tipping.

To find out more about Esmach SPI-F mixers:

The machine is available in electronic version only, and can be supplied with the following accessories:

• Lid + grid: stainless steel grid in addition to transparent lid;

• Dough temperature detector with infrared sensor, visualization on display and stop option of the working process.

• Stainless steel chute.