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Insider Ventless

Insider Ventless Donut Systems

Think you need a special kitchen or bakery to make donuts? Not with an INSIDER from Belshaw. It's a mobile ventless cabinet with a sophisticated clean-air filtration system, that enables you to make all kinds of donuts in high traffic areas. It accommodates a Donut Robot® fryer inside clear plexiglass windows, with space for a Roto-Cooler and EZMelt filtration system. The INSIDER can be used for cake donuts, mini donuts, and yeast-raised donuts. We recommend putting a vehicle-style wrap on your INSIDER to make it a real eye-catcher! The INSIDER is comprehensively certified by UL for safety, clean air, and sanitation. All capacities shown below are at 120 seconds frying time for standard donuts and 90 seconds for minis.


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