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Esmach SPI A-250 removable bowl spiral mixer
Esmach-SPI A-130-300 removable bowl spiral mixer

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Esmach SPI-A Removable Bowl Spiral Mixer

Esmach's large size Spiral Mixer, top-of-the-line for quality and performance.

SPI-A is Esmach's top of the line, large size spiral mixer. It's designed for heavy duty, continuous us by retail, artisan or industrial bakeries that require top quality and performance. 

The SPI-A can knead and develop your dough to perfection. Bakers can calibrate the ratio between the bowl and the spiral arm rotation speed at their own discretion, according to the type of dough they are hoping to achieve. The bowl speed can be set and saved for each of the 99 programmable recipes using the advanced electronic control panel, supplied with all SPI-A mixers.

An infra-red dough temperature sensor (similar to SPI-F Fixed Bowl mixer) is available as an option. 

SPI-A has evolved from technologies developed during Esmach's long history of mixer technology, especially the ISE-NA mixer, a true benchmark for dough processing quality and dependability. These fundamental characteristics were further improved and developed for the SPI-A.

Bowl type


10 bowl sizes, by volume

265 - 450 quarts (250 - 430 liters)

10 bowl sizes, by dough capacity

350 to 650 lbs (160 to 300 kg)




USA-Canada-Mexico-Central/South America

To find out more about Esmach SPI-F mixers:

  • Steel frame particularly reinforced to support mechanical stress due to intense industrial use and mounted on 6 nonslip and adjustable anchorage feet.
  • Machine lifted up from floor to allow a proper cleaning underneath.
  • Outer paneling coated with epoxy powder (food contact safe).
  • Frontal surfaces of the machine body completely in stainless steel.
  • Bowl protection through stainless steel cover top to drastically reduce flour dust emissions in the environment.
  • Shockproof and anti-scratch thermoformed ABS safety guard.
  • Stainless steel bowl.
  • High-resistant dividing blade, spiral arm and grid in stainless steel.
  • Movable head with lifting and lowering hydraulic system, allowing the bowl holder trolley to be put in and taken out.
  • Automatic hydraulic system for trolley hooking and unhooking with a pre-hooking device allowing easy coupling, even on sloping floors.
  • Transmission of the motion to the bowl through a double wheel-friction system for the models 250A-300A.
  • Transmission with a single wheel for the models 130A-160A-200A.
  • Transmission of the motion to the spiral arm by means of pulleys equipped with belts.
  • Spiral arm with two-speed rotation.
  • Motion of bowl rotation at variable speed controlled electronically, to be scheduled depending on the needs of dough kneading in order to optimize the quality.
  • Bowl rotation reversal device at first speed.
  • Electronic control panel on a console with a 120° right and left rotation, equipped with a membrane keyboard and a largesized
  • LCD control screen.
  • Option of setting, storage and selection up to 99 recipes, warning of anomaly and selection of planned preventive maintenance based on operating hours.
  • For the model SPI 130 A: electronic control panel on a console with a 120° right and left rotation, equipped with a membrane keyboard allowing the working cycle to be scheduled and controlled in manual or automatic mode.
  • Electric panel housed in an IP55 protection box against flour dust and water sprays.
  • Bowl holder trolley with ergonomic handle suitable for being coupled with all hydraulic and screw lifters allowing dipping onto worktable or hopper, manufactured by Esmach.

To find out more about Esmach SPI-F mixers:

  • Interchangeable additional trolley equipped with bowl.
  • Outer paneling in stainless steel.
  • Detector of real temperature inside the dough kneading with an infrared sensor and visualization on display.

To find out more about Esmach SPI-F mixers:

The control panel includes:

  • Functional and innovative control console, that can be rotated left and right through 120° for a work position that is always perfect, even in small kitchens.
  • Electronic membrane keyboard panel, with large LCD graphic display screen, that saves up to 99 recipes with their various processing phases (first speed, second speed, bowl rotation inversion, pause, stop). Specific bowl speeds can be set for each recipe.
  • Problem alerts and programmed maintenance alerts.