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BX3-BX4 Eco-Touch Convection Oven

The 1st choice bakery convection oven for instore, bakery-café and quick service environments.

A BX Eco-touch oven reheats from frozen, par-bakes, and bakes from scratch - and does them all to perfection! That's why well over 3,000 operators are using them today. 

  • Pinpoint control of temperature, air flow and moisture ensure great control of crust depth, shine, and coloration.
  • The 'Eco-touch' touchscreen makes it easy to enter new products, and easy to use even by new employees. Just a tap of the product image, and the correct bake starts up.
  • BX Eco-touch is one of the most energy efficient ovens listed by Energy Star, with 82% energy efficiency while baking and 0.96 kW idle energy rate.
  • These and other considerations make BX Eco-touch the #1 choice for instore, bakery-café and quick service environments.

Pan size

18 x 26 inch

Pan capacity (18 x 26 inch)

BX3 - 3 pans, BX4 - 4 pans

Vertical space per shelf

BX3 - 4½ inch, BX4 - 3½ inch


1 BX oven on 8 shelf stand || 2 BX ovens on 4 shelf stand


UL, NSF, CE, Energy Star

See the full list of specifications in 'Resources' below.

  • Produces an even bake, with bi-directional fan.
  • Steam injection standard on all ovens. Steam injects automatically at preselected time(s).
  • Holds 18 x 26 inch baking pans.
  • Space between shelves: 4½ inch (BX3) or 3½ inch (BX4).
  • Ovens can be single or double-stacked.
    • 8-shelf stand with single oven
    • 4-shelf stand and stacking kit with double ovens
  • Universal door, can be hinged on either side. Left side is standard, unless specified.
  • High quality rigid insulation.
  • Welded seams to prevent moisture leaking to insulation.
  • Cool-to-Touch double insulated door with large window.
  • Companion BX 8-shelf proofer stand available. The proofer can replace a single oven stand. See 'Resources' below.
  • ETL certified to UL-197 and NSF-4, 2 year parts and labor warranty.
  • Energy Star listed. 

The 'Eco-touch' touchscreen controller is renowned for its easy programming and easy use - even by new employees!

  • Up to 240 bake programs. Settings can be changed while the program is running. Each program has the option to control:
    • Bake time.
    • Bake temperature.
    • Steam duration
    • Fan direction.
    • Damper open/shut (allows steam/heat to exit chamber).
  • Icons and illustrations used for menu selection.
  • 'Favorites' menu accesses the most frequently used programs.
  • 'Multi-Bake' function.
    • Tracks progress of up to 4 different product items at a time.
    • Progress bars provide a clear indication of each bake cycle.
  • 7-day timer to start oven at selected times, ready for every shift.
  • 'Sleep mode' returns oven to a selected standby temperature - reducing energy consumption up to 66%.
  • Auto-shutdown to prevent oven from being left on by mistake.
  • Diagnostics function to monitor performance and report status, while oven is running.
  • Programs are easily uploadable and downloadable by USB stick.