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belshaw cylinder N both
belshaw cylinder N

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Cylinder for Type N

Your cylinder is the same size diameter as the plunger, and is fastened to the bottom of your Type N depositor.

Each plunger must be used with a cylinder of the same size (diameter). If you have two different plungers of the same size, they can use the same cylinder.

If you order a Type N depositor, both the plunger and the cylinder must be ordered separately. There is no standard plunger or standard cylinder supplied with your depositor.

It saves time and expense to have all plungers the same size. The most common plunger and cylinder size is 1¾" (45 mm). But donuts are becoming supersized, along with other foods!

Use the Part Numbers below when ordering your cylinder. (Size = Diameter of round piston)

Part # N-1035L-Ax1-1/2

Type N Cylinder, size 1½" (38 mm)

Part # N-1035L-Ax1-5/8

Type N Cylinder, size 1⅝" (41 mm)

Part # N-1035L-Ax1-3/4

Type N Cylinder, size 1¾" (44 mm)

Part # N-1035L-Bx1-7/8

Type N Cylinder, size 1⅞" (48 mm)

Part # N-1035L-Bx2

Type N Cylinder, size 2" (51 mm)

Larger and smaller sizes are available for special order