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Donut Robot® Mark VI (Deep)

4-wide automatic fryer for large cake and yeast raised donuts up to 4" (102 mm). Capacity 72 dozen/hour, with electric power and heat.

 Donut Robot® Mark VI Deep is the solution for making large size Cake and Yeast Raised donuts. It produces at about the same rate as an Open Kettle fryer, while the consistent frying time and turning time delivers improved quality. This consistency also allows donuts to absorb less shortening than standard kettle frying.

Mark VI Deep does not include a cake donut depositor as standard equipment. Instead, you can choose a either a Type F depositor or the Dual Automatic depositor. Type F offers the full range of plungers for crullers, krinkles, sticks, balls, plain rings and Old Fashion's. The Dual Automatic depositor makes plain ring or Old Fashion donuts only.

The Mark VI Deep can be run as part of a Donut Robot system with Feed Table, Rack Loader and EZMelt 34 Filter. Alternatively it can be run with automated Proofer and Conveyors to form a small industrial system (Century-Mark VI).

Type of donut

Cake and Yeast Raised

Donut size, 4-wide

Up to 4" (102 mm)

XL donut size, 3-wide

Up to 4.5" (114 mm)

Capacity (4-wide)

860 per hour (72 dozen) @120 seconds frying time


All worldwide 3-phase voltages, 12 to 15 KW



Mark VI Deep is used either with a Feed Table and Rack Loader, or as part of a Century-Mark VI system which adds automation. Either way, employees will much prefer using a Mark VI Deep to open kettle frying!

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  • Electronic temperature controller - holds correct temperature much better than old style thermostats.
  • Holds 4 donuts per conveyor row.
  • Requires EZMelt34 Melter-Filter to handle filtration and topping up shortening in fryer.
  • Requires Feed Table and Trays/Cloths to insert Yeast Raised donuts
  • For Cake Donuts, choose either Type F Depositor or Dual Automatic Depositor.
  • After frying, dispenses donuts onto Glazing Screens in a Rack Loader. (See 'Related Products' below)
  • If preferred, can be used as part of Century-Mark VI system with automated proofing and glazing.
  • Available with Support Table with holes precut for Drain, Rack Loader and bolts for holding down the fryer
  • Adjustable frying time from 60 to 300 seconds.
  • Normally requires a ventilation and fire suppression hood