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Donut Robot® Fryer Support Table

Supports Donut Robot® fryer and Rack Loader. Securely houses EZMelt, and adds storage for extra Glazing Screens.

This table is specially designed for cake and yeast-raised donut production on any Donut Robot® system! It includes a secure location for an EZMelt filter, a large hole for the fryer drain, smaller holes to bolt down the fryer and more holes for locating the Rack Loader in perfect position alongside the fryer. You can even mount a Type F depositor on it. 

A second, separate Support Table holds a Donut Robot® Feed Table (either of two sizes). See 'Related Products' below.

Part # MK6-1005

Donut Robot® fryer support table


78 inch (198 cm)


33 inch (84 cm)


32 inch (81 cm)