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Type F Mark VI 2

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Type F Cake Donut Depositor

Electric-powered version of the Type B Cake Donut Depositor.

Like the Type B, the Type F Depositor is known for its precision and smoothness of operation. Identical shape and volume are produced with every deposit. In addition, the Type F offers two advantages:

  1. The electric motor makes the Type F easier to operate than the hand-cranked Type B depositor. Hold the trigger handle, and it deposits at 120 deposits per minute (a 60 deposit/minute model is also available). If you prefer, you can press the trigger once for each deposit. You're in control. 
  2. Type F deposits faster than Type B, giving you more consistent quality donuts. This is because there is less difference in the amount of frying time given to the first and last donuts deposited.

In order to deposit cake donuts, you will need:

  • Plunger - You need at least one Plunger. Plungers are available for Ring donuts, Sticks, 'Old Fashioned', Crullers, Krinkles (Pon de ring), and more. 6 standard sizes are available.
  • Cylinder - You need at least one Cylinder. The cylinder must be the same size as your Plunger. If you have two Plungers of the same size, you can use the same cylinder.
  • Mounting Kit - Type F can be attached to most floor-standing fryers using a Column Mount bolted to the fryer. The same Column Mount can be used in a Donut Robot® Mark VI system. For other situations, Type F can be secured to a wall behind the fryer, with our Wall Mounting Kit.

For more about all of the above, see 'Related Products' below.

Deposits per minute, standard models

120 deposits per minute (when trigger pressed continuously)

Deposits per minute, half-speed models

60 deposits per minute (when trigger pressed continuously)

Deposit size

Adjustable from small to large by turning the dial

Hopper capacity

15 lbs (7 kg)

Part # 0405

Column Mount for Type B or.Type F

Part # 0406

Wall Mount for Type B or.Type F