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Belshaw rackloader with donuts
Belshaw Rack Loader 05
Belshaw Rack Loader 3
Belshaw Rack Loader 2

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Rack Loader

Simple, efficient method of collecting donuts from Donut Robot® fryers onto glazing screens. The Roto-Cooler looks better, the Rack Loader is more efficient!

The Rack Loader is compatible with Donut Robot® Mark II, Mark II Gas, and Mark V. The Rack Loader is all about productivity and speed. If you need to glaze or ice donuts, or even if you just to put them into a baking rack temporarily, the Rack Loader is the best helper you could want! 

The Rack Loader stores about 10 or more screens in a stack. As one screen fills up, remove it - the next screen is underneath and ready to take its place. Each screen holds 24 donuts. Screens are 17" x 25" and fit into a standard baking rack.

Watch either of the Donut Robot® videos (in the 'Resources' below). Both the Mark II video and the Mark VI video feature the Rack Loader. 

  • For mini donuts, the 'Roto-Cooler' is a practical alternative that accumulates donuts onto a slowly turning tray. It allows you to apply sugar on the spot, saving time and effort. (See 'Related Products' below)

Model RL18

Rack Loader

Part # SL200-0004

Glazing Screens 17 x 25 inch (supplied separately)

Number of Glazing Screens recommended (Mark II, Gas Mark II)


Number of Glazing Screens recommended (Mark V)


Number of Glazing Screens recommended (Mark VI)


Number of Glazing Screens recommended (Mark VI Deep)