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Mark VI Dual Depositor 3
Mark VI Dual Depositor 2

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Mark VI Dual Depositor

4-wide automatic cake donut system for Mark VI fryer, alternative to Type F Depositor.

Synchronized cake donut depositors for a Donut Robot® Mark VI or Mark VI-Deep fryer. The depositors are similar to Mark II and Mark V depositors, and you can adjust how large the donut will be so there is lots of flexibility. The Dual Depositor operates automatically and makes perfectly formed Ring or 'Old Fashioned' donuts. Bear in mind that a standard Mark VI allows donuts up to 3¼ inches (83 mm) diameter, but a Mark VI 'Deep' allows donuts up to 4 inches (102 mm) diameter. 

  • If preferred, Mark VI operators can also choose the Type F Cake Donut Depositor. The Type F enables a full choice of size and variety of cake donuts, including Crullers, Krinkle (Pon-de-Ring), and Stick donuts. Ball donuts are not recommended on the Mark VI because they cannot be submerged. The electric powered Type F Depositor is operated by pressing on a trigger once for each donut. (For Type F Depositor, see 'Related Products' below).


No separate power source. Dual depositors plug into the Donut Robot fryer.

Part # MKVI-1300-1-9/16

Plain plungers 1-9/16 inches, for donuts up to 3¼ inches (83 mm)

Part # MKVI-1300-1-13/16

Plain plungers 1-13/16 inches, for donuts up to 3¾ inches (95 mm), or smaller donuts with a large hole

The larger plunger (1-13/16 inch) makes bigger donuts, of course. But it also makes medium size donuts with a bigger hole than the standard plunger (1-9/16 inch). Remember that you need a special mix, if you would like to make "Old Fashioned" donuts. 


1-9/16 inch plunger. This is the standard plunger used on Mark II and Mark V. 

Produces small or medium size donuts up to 3¼ inches (83 mm). 

Donuts will easily fit in Mark VI fryer. 


1-13/16 inch plunger. This is a larger plunger than normally supplied.

Produces medium or large donuts up to 3¾ inches (95 mm).

If your donuts are 3½ inches (89 mm) or larger, they will ONLY fit in a Mark VI-Deep fryer, because the fryer bars are set 4½ inches apart.

If your donuts are up to 3¼ inches (83 mm) size, they will fit in BOTH Mark VI and Mark VI-Deep fryer. But your donuts will have a larger "hole" than the 1-9/16 inch plunger. Some prefer a larger hole, others prefer a smaller hole. The 1-13/16 inch plunger produces a larger hole.