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616B / Type N Combo

The compact, dependable solution for Donuts, Loukoumades, Hushpuppies, Donut 'Holes' and more.

Belshaw's 616B fryer and Type N Cake Donut Depositor are a perfect match for making Donuts, Loukoumades, Hushpuppies and Donut 'Holes'. The 616B and Type N are designed to be used together - previously they were known as a 'Cut-N-Fry' Combo. Recommended plungers and cylinders are listed below. But if you prefer, the full range of Type N plungers is available to you in various sizes - Crullers, Krinkles (Mochi), Sticks, Ball Plungers etc. This fryer/depositor combo is constructed to give great service over long periods of time.

Frying size

16 x 16 inches (41 x 41 cm)

Capacity (Donuts)


Capacity (Loukoumades, Hushpuppies, Donut 'Holes')

60 (approx)

Max production (Donuts)

40 dozen/hour @ 120 seconds frying time

Max production (Loukoumades/Hushpuppies/Balls/Holes)

150 dozen/hour @ 120 seconds frying time



To order a 616B/Type N choose these separately:

  1. 616B fryer
  2. Type N Depositor
  3. Type N Mounting Kit with short arms
  4. Your choice of Plunger and Cylinder
  5. A submerger screen for ball shaped product such as Donut Holes, Loukoumades, Hushpuppies
  6. Filter-Flo siphon for easy filtration

These components can be selected from the component list on this page.

You do not have to order the standard plungers and cylinders listed alongside. All Type N plungers and cylinders are available. 

Standard Plungers and Cylinders recommended by Belshaw are listed here. 

You do not have to choose these recommendations. 

The full range of Type N Plungers and Cylinders are available.

DONUTS - estimated size about 3½ (89 mm)*

  • Plunger: N-1007SSx1-3/4, 
  • Cylinder: N-1035L-Ax1-3/4

LOUKOUMADES / DONUT 'HOLES'  - deposits 3 at a time, estimated size about 1½ (38 mm)*

  • Plunger: N-1009BSS-103C (2 inch, 3 holes)
  • Cylinder: N-1035L-Bx2

HUSHPUPPIES  - deposits 3 at a time, estimated size about 1½ (38 mm), oval or oblong shape*

  • Plunger: N-1009BSS-103DB (2 inch, 3 holes)
  • Cylinder: N-1035L-Bx2

* IMPORTANT NOTE: Product size can be adjusted by using a dial on the Type N depositor, or by choosing a larger plunger/cylinder. The size estimates listed here are dependent on batter mix and are not guaranteed.