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Filter-Flo Siphon

Simple alternative to EZMelt for shortening filtration.

If your budget does not allow for an EZMelt filter, the Filter-Flo is a good alternative. 

You will need a receptacle to empty the shortening into. It should be metal, not plastic, and it should have no seams. If it has seams (like a bucket) it could leak. If it is plastic, it could melt.

A Hotel Pan or a Mixer Bowl will work. Both should be large enough to hold all the shortening in your fryer. Filtration takes 15-30 minutes. 

Part # DR42-1048

Filter-Flo Siphon (with 1 Filter)

Works with

616B, Cut-N-Fry, Donut Robot® Mark II, Mark II Gas, Mark V (standard and GP models)

Part # DR42-0277DZ

Replacement Filters (12)