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Shortening Reserve Tank

Quick and simple device for topping up shortening level. For use in combination with a Filter-Flo Siphon.

The Shortening Reserve Tank is compatible with Donut Robot® Mark II, Mark II Gas and Mark V, including GP models. Place it on top of the fryer, and it stays hot. As you fry, insert solid shortening into the Shortening Reserve Tank, and the block will melt. Press the heat-resistant valve button, and you can instantly top up the shortening level in the fryer. A simple, safe method of shortening management!

In combination with the Filter-Flo Siphon, the Shortening Reserve Tank is an alternative to the EZMelt 18 Melter-Filter. For Filter-Flo Siphon, see 'Related Products' below.

Part # MKV-1012

Shortening Reserve Tank