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Hushpuppy Kit for 616B / Type N

For making Southern Fried Hushpuppies with Belshaw Cut-N-Fry,

If you want to make Southern Fried Hushpuppies on your 616B / Type N Combo, choose this Hushpuppy kit which makes the most commonly requested size of Hushpuppies. If that is not exactly what you want, leave the Hushpuppy Kit aside and instead, choose any Type N Ball Plunger (and cylinder to match) to suit your preference! The kit also includes the 616B Submerger Screen to give the Hushpuppies an even fry below the shortening surface.

Part # N-1009BSS-103DB

Type N Hushpuppy plunger, 2” diameter, with 3 x 7/8 inch diameter holes

Part # N-1035L-Bx2

Cylinder - Type N, 2 inch


616B Submerger screen