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Belshaw Proofing Cloth Mark II
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Feed Table, Trays and Cloths for Mark II / Mark V

For making yeast-raised donuts on a Donut Robot® Mark II or Mark V.

This 2-donut wide Feed Table is essential for making yeast-raised donuts on Donut Robot® Mark II, Mark II Gas, and Mark V. How it works is explained below. The Donut Robot Mark II video also shows how it's done (in "Resources" below).

Model FT42

Feed Table for Mark II, Mark II Gas, Mark V, Insider

Part # FT42-0052

Proofing Tray

Part # FT100-0532

Proofing Cloth

Proofing Tray size

9 x 27 inch (229 x 686 mm)

Part # FT42-0516

Splash Guard for use with Mark II - Mark V Feed Table


None (Plugs into Donut Robot®)

Part # FT42-0516

Splash Guard (prevents oil from splashing)

There is no handling of proofed donuts using this process!

Each Tray/Cloth combination holds 12 donuts.

  • Mix dough.
  • While dough is resting, prepare up to 20 Proofing Trays and 20 Proofing Cloths. The cloths are placed on top of the trays.
  • Roll dough and cut donuts, using a single donut cutter or a rotary cutter.
  • Place 12 donuts between the marked lines on the Proofing Cloths.
  • Insert each Proofing Tray and Proofing Cloth (with 12 donuts) into proofer for approximately 40 minutes. 
  • After proofing, load the tray onto the Feed Table. Place the Rod at the front of the Proofing Cloth into the hooks of the Feed Table.
  • Pull the tray out, leaving the cloth and donuts on the feed table. Return the tray to be used again at the Rolling and Cutting stage above.
  • The Feed Table advances in time with the fryer and drops the proofed donuts automatically into the fryer.
  • The cloth is deposited under the feed table, ready for another use.


  1. A Feed Table with leg extenders is available for Mark II Gas, which is taller than Mark II and Mark V.
  2. Shortening is hot! Splash Guard (Part # FT42-0516) is recommended in case of occasional splashing during transfer of donuts to fryer.

Proofing Trays and Proofing Cloths are the same for Mark II, Mark II Gas, and Mark V. 

Each Tray/Cloth combination holds 12 donuts.

Mark V is 50% longer than Mark II and so requires 50% more Trays and Cloths.

Each Tray/Cloth combination is in use for 1 hour to process 1 dozen raised donuts. The time is used for:

  • Loading cut donuts onto Tray/Cloth
  • Proofing time
  • Time for loading the Feed Table
  • Handling and time left over.

MARK II AND MARK II GAS - In 1 hour, the Mark II can produce 30 dozen donuts at full capacity.

  • You can make good progress with 20 Trays and 20 Cloths. With these, you can make batches of 20 dozen donuts. 
  • At full capacity, 30 Trays and 30 Cloths are needed.
  • For full capacity over long periods, plan for 40 Trays and 40 Cloths. 

MARK V - In 1 hour, the Mark V can produce 45 dozen donuts at full capacity.

  • If full capacity is not essential, we recommend 30 Trays and 30 Cloths. With these, you can make batches of 30 dozen donuts.
  • At full capacity, 45 Trays and 45 Cloths are needed.
  • For full capacity over long periods, plan for 60 Trays and 60 Cloths.