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634 Donut Fryer (Electric)

Electric heated, frying size 18 x 26 inches (46 x 66 cm).

This industry standard electric donut fryer is used by concessions, donut shops and bakeries all over North America and the world! The fryer holds 35-48 donuts depending on size, and has a production capacity of approximately 100-135 dozen donuts per hour.

Frying size

34 x 24 inches (86 x 61 cm)

Fryer capacity (large donuts)

40 donuts up to 4¼ inch diameter (108 mm)

Fryer capacity (medium donuts)

54 donuts up to 3½ inch diameter (89 mm)

Production capacity (large donuts)

100 dozen/hour @120 seconds frying time

Production capacity (medium donuts)

135 dozen/hour @120 seconds frying time

Shortening capacity

197 lbs | 26.5 gallons (90 kg | 100 L)


208-240 Volts, 3 phase (other voltages available)





Our electronic temperature controller keeps temperature right on target and is far more accurate than a thermostat!

  • Frying Area 34 x 24 inches (86 x 61 cm).
  • Shortening capacity 197 lbs by weight, 26.5 gallons by volume (90 kg/100 liters).
  • Capacity 35-48 donuts depending on size.
  • Production rate at full capacity, 90-120 dozen donuts per hour @120 seconds frying time.
  • 208-240 Volts, 50/60Hz, 1-phase or 3-phase (other voltages available).
  • Heavy duty elements, tiltable upwards for easy kettle cleanup.
  • Electronic temperature controller for high accuracy, low fluctuation.
  • High-temperature shut-off switch set to approximately 450° F (230° C).
  • Stainless steel cabinet, kettle, and drain tray, with sloping surface around fryer kettle.
  • Adjustable, bolt-down legs.
  • Drain tray on right side of fryer (can easily be repositioned on left side).
  • 2 high quality nickel plated donut frying screens supplied with handles.
  • Heavy duty drain and valve with exterior handle to empty shortening.
  • Accomodates EZMelt34 of SF34 Shortening filter underneath fryer.
  • Accomodates Type B or Type F cake donut depositor.
  • (Optional) Submerger screen #634-1521, recommended for ball shaped donuts and all products that need full frying coverage.
  • ETL certified to UL-197, CSA C22.2 and NSF-4.
  • CE models available for European Union and other countries
  • See PDF tab for more specifications.
  • See below for optional accessories for your donut fryer.
  • A ventilation and fire suppression hood is normally required for indoor locations.