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Screen Cradle (3 sizes)

Grips and holds Open Kettle Proofing and Frying Screens.

The Screen Cradle is an alternative to Detachable Screen Handles which is preferred by some donut makers. You can hold a screen tightly by pulling on the handle, and it can be lowered into the fryer along with the screen. 

3 sizes are available to match the three sizes of Belshaw Open Kettle fryers. There is currently no screen cradle for use with 616B / Cut-N-Fry. To view the Detachable Handles, see 'Related Products' below.

Part #618L-1037

Use with 618L, 718LCG-LFG fryers (17 x 25 inch screens)

Part #624-1037

Use with 624, 724CG-FG fryers (23 x 23 inch screens)

Part #634-1037

Use with 634, 734CG-FG fryers (33 x 23 inch screens)