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H&I-2 Icer

2-bowl icer, with gentle warm water heat for high quality iced donuts.

Belshaw's H&I icers ('Heat and Ice') are designed to be as convenient as possible for making high quality donuts. The two bowls with lids are conveniently sized and the unit is movable on casters, taking up a minimum of valuable space. You can fill the stainless steel water tank with hot water each day in advance of using the icer, and the element inside keeps it warm all day. Your icing will be gently warmed, and won't overheat and form a crust. You can make beautiful quality iced donuts without stressing over your icing!

Also available: H&I-4 Icer with 4 bowls (see 'Related Products' below).

Number of bowls


Bowl size

13 inch diameter (330 mm)

Bowl capacity

6 quarts (5.68 liter)

Water temperature (maximum)

130° F (55° C)

Part # 966-0010.A

Extra icing bowl for H&I-2 and H&I-4

Part # 996-0011

Extra lid for icing bowls