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C6-24 System Summary

Space-saving 6-wide donut line, with fryer 6 feet long (1.83 m).

The C6-24 system is identical to a C6-16 system, but six donuts wide instead of four. It will increase production by 50% over the C6-16, with barely any increase in space required. This system is ideal for central production bakeries with up to 20 medium sized retail outlets.

  • For a close look at the individual components for this system, go back to the System Page.
  • For a brochure and video, see 'Resources' below.
  • Capacity shown below is the amount that can be produced when the fryer is full with no gaps.
  • Contact your Belshaw Industrial Sales Manager who can advise you further.

Donuts per row (yeast-raised)

6 donuts, up to 4 inches diameter (102 mm)

Donuts per row (cake or mini)

6 large | 8 medium | 10 small | 12 mini

Capacity C6-24

2244 per hour (187 dozen) @110s fry time