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belshaw c6-16e system
belshaw-C10-16G 2
belshaw-C10-16G 3
belshaw c6-16e 7
belshaw c6-16e 6
belshaw c6-16e 2
belshaw c6-16 system 2
belshaw c6-16e 3
belshaw gl18 glazing

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C6-16 | C10-16 System Summary

4-wide donut line, with fryer 6 or 10 feet long (1.83 m or 3.05 m).

When you need too many donuts for kettle frying, this Century Industrial system makes the transition to midsize industrial production simple. All components listed below can be included or left out, and each component is compatible with the system as a whole. 

  • To learn more about individual components for this system, go back to the System Page.
  • For a brochure and video, see 'Resources' below. 
  • Capacity shown below is the amount that can be produced when the fryer is full with no gaps.
  • Contact a Belshaw Industrial Sales Manager to discuss your next steps!

Donuts per row (yeast-raised)

4 donuts, up to 4 inches diameter (102 mm)

Donuts per row (cake or mini)

4 large | 5 medium | 6 small | 8 mini

Capacity C6-16

1500 per hour (125 dozen) @110s fry time

Capacity C10-16

2952 per hour (246 dozen) @110s fry time