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VMRF6 Raised Donut Extruder

Deposits 6 yeast raised donuts directly onto TM600 proofer baskets, ready for immediate proofing.

Belshaw VMRF extruders create a yeast raised donut with subtle differences to donuts made by the more common method of using a roll sheeter to roll and cut dough.

  • Extruded donuts are consistent, well-rounded, and with great taste, texture and bite.
  • The VMRF extruder produces ring donuts only.

Use with

All Century Industrial 6-wide donut systems





The VMFRF extrudes the dough through a donut-shaped opening formed by the plunger.

  • The donut mix recipe is similar to other yeast-raised donut mixes, with some slight differences.
  • Dough is mixed in the usual way, then transferred immediately to the VMRF Extruder. A roll sheeter is not used.
  • The plunger used is not the same as a cake donut plunger (see photo above).
  • A small amount of 'slurry' is poured into the plunger before depositing begins. 
    • The 'slurry' consists of watered down donut mix and is a quick and easy job.
    • This maintains a vacuum in the extruder and makes it easier to extrude the dough.
  • While donuts are depositing, the dough must be manually pushed at regular intervals to the bottom of each hopper. This is because gravity alone is not enough, and it prevents partial deposits.
  • Each donut is precisely deposited to automatic proofer baskets. The proofer baskets move, the VMRF is stationary.
  • Proofing is normal, usually 35-45 minutes.
  • Frying is normal.
  • Deposit size can be adjusted.
  • Maximum finished donut size is 3¾-4 inch (95-102 mm), dependent on ingredients used.
  • For ring donuts only.

Donuts created by the VMRF extruder show subtle differences to other yeast raised donuts.

These are general observations from a consumer perspective.

  • Extruded donuts are more consistently well-rounded than other yeast raised donuts.
  • Extruded donuts present a slightly less 'puffy' appearance.
  • Extruded donuts have a pleasing, slightly 'chewy' bite and texture.
  • When broken in half and examined, extruded donuts have an even, consistent cell structure.
  • Extruded donuts can be glazed, iced and sugared as normal.