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TM600-4-5 Proofer

4 or 5 section automated proofer for 6-wide Century Industrial systems, 6 donuts per basket, compatible with C16-24 fryer.

Belshaw’s TM proofer series allows donut producers to specify the best possible proofer configuration for their donut line. Proofers operate virtually free of flour dust, using teflon-coated baskets and Belshaw’s Active Release System. PLC touchscreen control, and numerous safety and other features make the proofer easy to use and help to assure uninterrupted operation. Proofers are available in 4 or 5 modular sections with each section offering additional capacity. (Note: for C18-24 system proofing, consult your Belshaw Industrial Sales manager. TM proofers contain up to 5 sections, which may not be sufficient for C18-24 systems.)

Donuts per basket


Typical temperature

95° to 115° F (35° to 46° C)

Typical relative humidity

50% to 65%

Typical proof time

30 to 50 minutes

Typical # of sections, C16-24 system

4 (short proof) or 5 (long proof)

Maximum loaded baskets in proofing chamber (4 sections)


Maximum loaded baskets in proofing chamber (5 sections)


Always discuss your proofing preferences with a Belshaw industrial sales manager! Belshaw can configure your proofer so that it closely matches your centralized donut production needs.

  • Controlled by PLC with touch screen. Shows current status, recipes, alerts and custom functions.
  • Proofer is constructed using modular sections. Each section adds to donut capacity and proofing time.
  • Independent temperature and humidity controls for each section.
  • Range of common settings:
    • Temperature 95° to 115° F (35° to 46° C)
    • Relative humidity 50% to 65%
    • Proof time 30 to 50 minutes
  • Height extensions from 12 to 42 inches (35 to 106 cm) to achieve targeted proof times.
  • Synchronized auto-loading from sheeting line.
  • Synchronized basket advance with fryer.
  • Synchronized transfer to transfer conveyor and fryer.
  • Teflon powder coated wire mesh proofer baskets.
  • Active Release System (releases donuts from baskets, for reduced flour usage).
  • Windows to for observation of proofing chamber (with optional locks).
  • Window to see when donuts approach discharge point.
  • Infra-red counter (counts loaded proofer baskets only)
  • Secondary heat supply for rapid application of heat.
  • Exhaust system for rapid discharge of heat.
  • Auto-water fill system.
  • Continuous chain lubrication.
  • Adjustable safety clutch (uncouples motor in the event of extra resistance to motion).
  • Safety guards at infeed and outfeed.
  • Proofer basket anti-flip design.
  • E-stop buttons.
  • Compatible with American and International power supplies.