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Belshaw TC30 Transfer Conveyor
Belshaw TC30 Transfer Conveyor 3
Belshaw TC30 Transfer Conveyor 5

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TC30 Transfer Conveyor

Transfers yeast raised donuts from proofer to 6-wide donut fryer.

The solution for 6-wide donut lines making both cake and yeast raised donuts. The Transfer Conveyor fits in the space between Proofer and Fryer. For raised donuts, it is rolled into place. For cake donut production, it is rolled out and replaced by an MDDRF or MS Cake Donut Depositor.

Conveyor width

27 inch (686 mm)


Powered by connection to proofer





Timing of the product infeed can be calibrated by adjustments to the advance-retard of the proofer and fryer. This ensures that donuts drop into the fryer pocket every time.

  • Conveyor consists of non-stick polyethylene conveyor band material, to minimize impact on donuts.
  • Wire belt outfeed conveyor for heat resistance and ability to adjust entry angle.
  • Lightweight hold downs to guide product smoothly into fryer.
  • Easy cleaning
  • Powered by connection to Donut Proofer