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SL30 Screen Loader

Transfers donuts from 6-wide production lines on to screens.

The Screen Loader is the solution when finished donuts need to be temporarily stored in baking racks, ready for packaging, transportation, or further processing. The Screen Loader automatically transfers donuts onto screens, alleviating the need for someone to manually pick donuts and place onto screens. The screens are then manually placed on the shelves of the baking racks.

Used with

6-wide Century Industrial donut lines, C6-24, C10-24, C14-24, C18-24

Compatible glazing screens

Part # HG24-0001, 24 x 24 inch (610 x 610 mm)

Number of screens in storage bay ready for use

15 screens

Large donuts loaded per screen

36 donuts up to 3¾ inch (95 mm)

X-Large donuts loaded per screen

25 donuts up to 4½ inch (115 mm)





The SL30 stores 15 screens ready for loading, and requires re-stocking after these are used. The SL30-A with AutoLoader stores 120 screens and can continue longer without re-stocking. 

  • Infrared sensor - starts/stops conveyor to ensure complete filling of screens.
  • Adjustable safety clutch - uncouples motor in event of obstruction.
  • Variable speed drive - to match speed with the rest of the donut line.
  • Cleans in place with water-resistant motor and plugs.
  • Storage for 15 screens. 
  • For extra screen storage, upgrade to SL30-A with Autoloader.
  • Powered by 'daisy chain' connection to donut line.
  • BISSC certification.