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belshaw drain MK-0557-11.5
Belshaw Drain MKVI-0246
Belshaw Drain MKVI-0247

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Drain and Valve for Mark II / Mark V

3 Drain and Valve combinations for quickly emptying shortening from Donut Robot® Mark II, Mark II GP, and Mark V.

  1. Part # MK-0557-11.5 is a straight drain that extends 18 inches (45 cm) down from the center of the Donut Robot®, for use with a customer-supplied table for supporting the fryer. You will need to cut a 4-6 inch hole (10 - 15 cm) in the table to accommodate the drain. (This drain is also used with the 'Insider'.)
  2. Part # MKVI-0546 is an offset drain for use with a EZMelt 18 Melter-Filter and a Donut Robot® Support Table Part # MK-1005
  3. Part # MK-1007 is an offset drain for use with a EZMelt 18 Melter-Filter and a Donut Robot® Support Table Part # MK-1007 (this table is used only when a TZ6 6-shelf proofer is included in the system).

For a short video, see under 'Resources', below.

* Note: These drains are not compatible with gas-heated Donut Robots, which have no drain hole. For these machines, use Filter-Flo Siphon. 

Part # MK-0557-11.5

Straight drain overall length 18 inch (see photo #1)

Part # MKVI-0546

Offset drain (see photo #2)

Part # MKVI-0547

Offset drain only used when TZ6 6-shelf proofer is built into the system (see photo #3)