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CSF2400L | 2400LH Shortening Filter

Compatible with C14-24, C16-24, C18-24, C10-36, and C14-36 fryers.

The mobile, flexible solution for shortening maintenance with industrial fryers.

  • Shortening is drained, filtered and returned to the fryer in a single operation. Debris remaining in the fryer kettle is flushed using a sprinkler hose.
  • CSF Filters can be rolled into position during filtration, and moved out of the away again when the filtration sequence is over.
  • CSF2400LH includes a heating element to prevent shortening from becoming thicker in consistency. This allows more time to carry out fryer boil-out (or any other maintenance) while shortening is in the filter tank.

Filter type

Cellulose, 24 x 25 inch (610 x 635 mm)

Part # CSF2400L-0013DZ

1 dozen (12) Filters





Heating element

CSF2400 no | CSF2400LH yes