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Belshaw C18G-24 1
C14G-24 with submerger 2

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C16-24 | C18-24 Fryer

6-wide fryers, 16 feet or 18 feet long (4.88m or 5.50m), either gas or electric heat.

The longest Century Industrial fryers. Two lengths available, with space for 6 large donuts per pocket, designed for centralized production of all varieties of donuts. Available with either premix gas or electric heat, each fryer is perfectly synchronized with all other parts of the donut line. Accurate heat and speed controls ensure a consistent fry for every donut. Numerous safety and convenience features, in an industrial-grade fryer that will produce consistent product for many years.

Frying width

6 donuts wide, 24 inches (610 mm)

Frying length C16-24

16 feet (4.88 m)

Frying length C18-24

18 feet (5.49 m)

Capacity C16-24

8376 peices per hour (698 dozen) @ 110s fry time

Capacity C18-24

9528 peices per hour (794 dozen) @ 110s fry time





With options like multiple turners, submergers, left-right operation, and continuous filtration, Belshaw can configure a state-of-the-art fryer that closely matches your centralized production needs. C10-24 and C14-24 fryers incorporate a remote console PLC touchscreen and premix gas heat.

  • 4½ inch (114 mm) pocket spacing for each donut. 3" also available for mini donuts.
  • Two heat zones on all models.
  • Remote control console with PLC and touchscreen.
  • Premix gas standard for gas fryers.
  • Gas heated models include exhaust damper system with stack, heat shield, barometric damper, draft inducer, and proving switch.
  • Variable speed, synchronized with Proofer and Cake Donut Depositor.
  • Exit chute (standard) or exit conveyor (optional).
  • Electric hoist for rapid lifting and lowering of conveyor
  • Left or right configuration, as preferred.
  • Automatic shortening melter/leveler. Maintains exact shortening level.
  • Optional partial-length submerger, for ball shaped donuts.
  • Requires Belshaw TC30 Transfer Conveyor if used for both Cake and Yeast Raised donuts. This bridges the space used by the Cake Donut Depositor.
  • Requires Belshaw CSF Shortening Filter for single flush filtration.
  • Continuous filtration option available using OS300 Filter system.
  • For required and optional donut line components, see Century C16-24 | C18-24 Donut System.