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Mini Donuts - finally getting the treatment they deserve!

Posted: January 13, 2022

Imagine being a mini donut, trying to find your way in the world. You want to look as good as those other donuts - the ones that get all the fancy toppings. Instead, most of the time you feel like an ugly duckling.

But wait !!... Flying high in the sky comes a donut chain that treats you the way you always wanted! That's the Donut Distillery in Nashville. 

Mini donuts are given superb toppings here. Like Frosted Fruity, Whiskey Glaze, and Sweet Swine (doesn't sound good, but has BACON!) . And people come a long way to see you - as well as the mimosas and other cocktails that are sold right alongside you (that's the "Distillery" part).

Read a great article about these mini donuts in Aliworld Magazine. 

Then, check out the Donut Distillery web site.

Mini Donuts, finally getting the treatment they deserve! Fried by Donut Robot® Mark II GP.


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