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Water Meter-Mixer - DOMIX 45A

DOMIX 45A water meter is a complete option, built to last.

Stainless steel structure, 80 programmable recipes, by-pass outlet and excellent precision to always assure the same quality levels throughout the dosing and mixing phase.

    • Microprocessor control
    • Proprietary cast mixing valve
    • S/S double net filters, in line s/s check valves & s/s inlet  ball valve
    • S/S housing
    • Automatic bypass while water is coming to temperature.
    • 8 foot hose with s/s fittings
    • Highly accurate external temperature probe
    • 80 program memory (with last setting kept over)
    • 3 electronic displays
    • Water volume remaining
    • Discharge temperature
    • All displays and programming in either U.S. or metric units
    • Remote pump power supply plug
    • Accuracy of ±1% For any volume above 1 gal (3.8 L)
    • Microdosage capability – accuracy ±1% any volume  above 10 oz (500mL)
    • Certified to UL-3121, CSA 22.2 and NSF/ANSI 2-2022E

    Part # 21371

    Domix 45A Meter-Mixer, 120V/60/1