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Submerger Screen for gas fryers

Submerges products below the shortening. Available in 3 sizes.

Available in 3 sizes to fit Belshaw Open Kettle fryers 718L, 724 and 734 (CG and FG models). It holds any fried product below the shortening. It is hinged to the back of the fryer and swings down to submerge any product. When not in use, it stays securely in a vertical position.

Use the submerger for any products that need to fry completely under the shortening, either part time or full time. These include ball shaped donuts, loukoumades, and hushpuppies. The Submerger Screen is optional with new fryers.

Part #718LG-1541

Submerger screen for 718LCG, 718LFG, 17 x 25 inches

Part #724G-1547

Submerger screen for 724CG, 724FG, 23 x 23 inches

Part #734G-1536

Submerger screen for 734CG, 734FG, 33 x 23 inches