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Belshaw Sugaring Tumbler 03
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Belshaw Sugaring Tumbler 05
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SGM Sugaring Machine

Applies sugar coatings to donuts of any size or variety.

Belshaw’s Sugaring Machine is the best method for midsize and commissary producers to apply sugar coatings to donuts of any size or variety. 

  1. A full screen of donuts can be emptied onto an extra large infeed chute and into the tumbler.
  2. The tumbler spins the sugar and donuts, while a spiral rail guides the donuts through the tumbler. A nylon hammer keeps sugar airborne rather than sticking to the tumbler. 
  3. Donuts receive an all-over sugar coating, while excess sugar can drop into a container under the open portion of the tumbler.
  4. Discharge of donuts can be to a container, screen or
  5. Tumblers are easily removable. Extra tumblers are available for
    quick changeover of sugar coatings.


207 dozen donuts per hour (or more)

For use with

All Century Industrial donut lines.


Worldwide, 120 or 240 volts


UL763, NSF2