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Plunger attachments for Donut Robot® and Type K

These attachments change your standard plunger into a 2, 3 or 4 section plunger.

Snap on one of these 3 simple attachments, and you can make divide your ring donut into 2, 3 or 4 sections. You can keep the sections stuck together for a unique look, or you can split them apart to make donut 'bits' and fill a cup with them along with sugar or glaze - great for kids! The attachments fit Type K Donut Depositor and Donut Robot® plungers (Plain or Star, must be 1-9/16 inch diameter).

You can make the sections stick together or split apart, as you prefer:

  • The sections stick together if the depositor is close to the shortening, about 1 inch (25 mm)
  • The sections split apart if the depositor is further above the shortening, about 2 inches (50 mm)
  • Watch the 3 videos in 'Resources' below!

Part # DR42-1018X1.563

'Dunkerette' attachment (splits a ring donut into 2 pieces)

Part # DR42-1016X1.563

'Nugget' attachment (splits a ring donut into 3 pieces)

Part # DR42-1017X1.563

'Ball' attachment (splits a ring donut into 4 pieces)

All attachments compatible with

Donut Robot® Mark II, Mark II Gas, Mark V, Mark VI and Type K Donut Depositor

Not compatible with

Donut Robot® Mark II GP, Mark II GP Gas, Mark V GP