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belshaw MDDRF4 2
belshaw mddrf4 3
belshaw mddrf4 with fryer
belshaw mddrf4 with fryer 3

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MDDRF4 Depositor with MS (Multi-Space) option

Fast and flexible cake donut depositor compatible with 4-wide donut lines.

Belshaw’s Multimatic is the industry standard for depositing cake donuts. 

  • MDDRF4 deposits 4 donuts into each fryer pocket. 
  • The MS (Multi-Space) option allows you to deposit 4 large, 5 medium, 6 small or 8 mini donuts, making efficient use of the full width of the fryer.


4 donuts, any size up to 4 inches (102 mm) diameter

MS5 Multi-Space option

5 medium donuts up to 3⅛ inches (79 mm) diameter

MS6 Multi-Space option

6 small donuts, up to 2⅝ inches (67 mm) diameter

MS8 Multi-Space option

8 mini donuts, up to 2 inches (51 mm) diameter





MDDRF and MS depositors are equipped with new high efficiency drivetrains and enhanced safety features.

  • Accepts all cake donut plungers, for ring, ball, stick, french cruller, krinkle (pon-de-ring) and 'old fashion' donuts.
  • Deposit size can adjusted for larger or smaller donuts.
  • Synchronizes with fryer to ensure deposits fall into the center of the fryer pocket.
  • New high torque motor and robust, efficient drivetrain, for continuous stress-free operation.
  • Mobile Carrier with precision height adjusters and adjustable stops for accurate placement of depositor relative to fryer. Electric 'PowerLift' height adjuster also available.
  • Stainless steel, easy-clean removable hopper.
  • Safety cover and safety grill to protect hands.
  • Batter chute for filling hopper, with frame for resting a mixing bowl.
  • Optional electronic counter.