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Belshaw HG18C 1
belshaw glazing screen 17x25
Belshaw HG18EZ 8

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HG18C Glazer

Glazer with handheld glaze applicator for glazing 24 donuts at a time.

Belshaw's HG18C Glazer allows fast, uniform glazing of donuts, cinnamon rolls and other baked goods. It conveniently glazes one full screen of 24 donuts at a time. It is compatible with Belshaw 17 x 25 inch glazing screens.

The handheld glaze applicator is lifted manually. There are no rails making for a more compact glazer than the HG18EZ 'EZLift' version.

All Belshaw glazers include a drain tray which gives donuts some extra time for drain off excess glaze. A sanitary drain allows left-over glaze to be replaced in a glaze bucket at the end of the day. Stainless steel construction and sound design facilitate cleaning and provide a durable product that will stand up to years of everyday use.

Glazing screens Part #

SL200-0004, 17x25 inches (432x635 mm)