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belshaw FT2DW proofing tray cloth

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FT800 Feed Table

The solution when one or more Rack Proofers will be used instead of an Automatic Proofer.

Using Rack Proofers with an FT800 Feed Table is an alternative to a TM800 Automatic Proofer.

How a Feed Table works is explained below. The videos also show how it's done - see "Resources" below. Some practical differences between a Feed Table system and an Automatic Proofer are also listed. All Feed Tables work the same way, with some models longer, some wider.

Use with Century Industrial systems

C10-36 | C14-36

Part # FT800-0038

Proofing trays (12)

Proofing Tray size (Baking Rack must hold this size)

32 inch W x 33 inch L (813 x 915 mm)

Part # FT800-0530

Proofing cloths with rods (12)

Proofing Cloth size

32 inch W x 31 inch L (813 x 787 mm)


No independent power - plugs into fryer





Each Tray/Cloth combination holds 48 donuts. There is no handling of proofed donuts using this process!

  • Prepare enough Proofing Trays and Proofing Cloths to fill your proofer.
  • Mix dough and rest as necessary.
  • Roll dough and cut donuts.
  • Place a Cloth over each Tray. Place 48 donuts between the marked lines on each Proofing Cloth.
  • Insert each Proofing Tray/Cloth with donuts into the proofer for approximately 40 minutes, or your chosen proofing time.
  • After proofing, load each Tray/Cloth onto the Feed Table. Each time, place the rod at the front of the Proofing Cloth behind the hooks of the Feed Table. Leave no gaps.
  • Pull the tray out, leaving just the Cloth with donuts on the feed table. Return the tray to be used again at the Rolling and Cutting stage above.
  • The Feed Table advances in time with the fryer and drops the proofed donuts automatically into the fryer.
  • The cloth is deposited under the Feed Table, ready for another use.

For a better estimate, talk with your Belshaw Industrial Sales Manager!

Each Tray/Cloth combination is in use for about 1 hour to process 4 dozen (48) raised donuts. The time is used for:

  • Loading cut donuts onto Tray/Cloth
  • Proofing time
  • Time for loading the Feed Table
  • Handling time, and time left over.

C10-36 system

  • In 1 hour, the fryer can produce approximately 497 dozen donuts at full capacity @ 110 second frying time.
  • At full capacity, 124 Trays and 124 Cloths are needed.

C14-36 system

  • In 1 hour, the fryer can produce approximately 730 dozen donuts at full capacity @ 110 second frying time.
  • At full capacity, 183 Trays and 183 Cloths are needed.

We encourage you to talk with a Belshaw Industrial Sales Manager to discuss your particular situation!

Rack Proofer / Feed Table


  1. Initial investment is smaller.
  2. Less space needed (although Rack Proofers and extra racks require space).
  3. Proof time can be changed easily.


  1. More labor - to manage Rack Proofer, trays and cloths.
  2. Less product consistency - each proof needs special attention.
  3. More likely to be gaps in production - mixing, cutting, proofing and frying need to take place at the right time.

Automatic Proofer


  1. Less labor - only need to load the proofer with cut donuts.
  2. More product quality and consistency - each proof is similar to the last.
  3. Less likely to be gaps in production - only mixing and cutting need to take place at the right time.


  1. Initial investment is greater.
  2. Extra space may be needed.
  3. Proof time harder to change (requires stopping or advancing the proofer).