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Donut Kit for 616B / Type N

For making Ring donuts and Old Fashioned donuts.

If you want to make Ring donuts and Old Fashioned on your 616B / Type N Combo, you can choose this standard plunger and cylinder combination. The 1¾ inch plain plunger and cylinder will make medium size cake donuts. 

If you would like smaller or larger donuts, leave the standard combination aside and instead, choose from our available Plain plungers and cylinders to suit your preference!

If you would like a different plunger type, such as Ball, Stick, Cruller, Krinkle, or even Churro, you can find them on our Plungers and Accessories page. 

Part # N-1007SSx1-3/4

Plunger - Type N - Plain, 1¾ inch

Part # N-1035L-Ax1-3/4

Cylinder - Type N, 1¾ inch