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CHG30-36-48 Heated Glazer

Belshaw's industrial glazer with heated glaze reservoir, for donut lines 6, 8 or 10 donuts wide.

Comprehensive, fully controllable glazing solution for industrial donut lines 6 to 10 donuts wide. If donut glaze needs to be set to an optimum temperature, this is the glazer to provide it. The CHG includes a hot-water insulation jacket around the glaze reservoir to heat the glaze to a set temperature, and an agitator to prevent crusting. It can be run at fast or slow speeds, and numerous adjustments are possible to achieve the best possible glaze coverage for donuts.


fits Century Industrial C10-24, C14-24 and C18-24 lines

- Width

30 inches (76 cm) - Six donuts wide


fits Century Industrial C10-36 and C14-36 lines

- Width

36 inches (91 cm) - Eight donuts wide


fits High Volume Industrial lines

- Width

48 inches (122 cm) - Ten donuts wide


Worldwide, 3-phase voltages



Glaze can be heated to the preferred temperature preferred for your products. The amount of glaze in the waterfall, and the speed of the donuts under the glaze waterfall, can be adjusted to achieve the best glaze coverage. 

  • Can be located anywhere on donut lines 6, 8 or 10 donuts wide.
  • Holds heated glaze at set temperature. 
  • Temperature can be set to maximum 145° F / 62° C.
  • Produces a consistent waterfall of glaze.
  • Precision leveling device for glaze waterfall.
  • PLC with touch screen control panel controls the glaze temperature, the amount of glaze and the speed of donuts through the glazer.
  • Glaze tank includes a large agitator paddle to prevent crusting. Agitator is easily removable.
  • Glaze tank holds approx. 30 gallons (113 L).
  • Water-filled heat "jacket" around holding tank to maintain heat while reducing scalding or crusting.
  • High quality sanitary glaze pump for circulating glaze.
  • Glazer cleans in place. Holding tank is retractable for filling and cleaning.
  • Optional 'CYCLONE’ Belt washer. Cleans conveyor belt with high powered water jet.