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c10-24 outfeed
C14G-24 from front with submerger
C10-24 system 2
C14G-24 with conveyor raised
Century submerger product
C14G-24 submerger
Belshaw TM600 05
Belshaw TM600 09
Belshaw TM touchscreen

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C10-24 | C14-24 System Summary

6-wide donut line, with fryer 10 or 14 feet long (3.05 m or 4.27 m).

This donut system has probably fried more donuts than any other! Bakeries will often combine lines for more production, by running 1-2 lines for yeast raised donuts, and another line for cake donuts. Components can be included or left out as needed.

  • To learn more about individual components for this system, go back to the System Page.
  • For a brochure and video, see 'Resources' below.
  • Capacity shown below is the amount that can be produced when the fryer is kept full with no gaps.
  • Your Belshaw Industrial Sales Manager can discuss your next steps with you.

Donuts per row (yeast-raised)

6 donuts, up to 4 inches diameter (102 mm)

Donuts per row (cake or mini)

6 large | 8 medium | 10 small | 12 mini

Capacity C10-24

4488 pieces/hour (374 dozen) @110s fry time

Capacity C14-24

6564 pieces/hour (547 dozen) @110s fry time