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Adamatic 'Combi' Bread and Roll Makeup Line

Makeup line for bread and rolls up to 19 oz - a bakery equipment standard in North America.

Adamatic's Combination Bread and Roll Makeup Line, a bakery equipment standard in North America, has earned a reputation for being trouble-free, easy to run, and flexible enough to accommodate multiple products with simple changeovers. 

The benefit is that an Adamatic Combi Line gives bakeries the ability to run more products with a single piece of equipment. 

The Combi Line can accomodate round rolls, moulded rolls, hot dog and hamburger buns, large sub rolls and small baguettes up to 19 oz. 

Adamatic Combi Lines come with technical support and service all within North America and just a phone call away.

ADR2 Divider-Rounder

1-3 pocket, up to 19 oz (535 g)

CP 44/6 Intermediate Proofer

4.5 to 13.5 minute proof

MO300 Moulder (Glimek)

650 mm working width

CG/102 (Cinelli Esperia)

Kaiser Roll Stamper (Optional)

Footprint (Length x Width, approximate)

120 x 120 inch (304 x 304 cm)


USA-Canada-Mexico-Central/South America

You can see a full list of features with diagrams and photos in the Combi Line brochure (see 'Resources' below).

Feel free to contact your Belshaw Industrial Sales Manager for your equipment needs!

  • BREADS: 9 - 19 oz (255-532 g) dough pieces up to 1800 per hour. Ideal for all types of variety breads (rye, Italian, French, white, etc)
  • ROLLS: 1 - 9 oz (28-255 g) dough pieces up to 4800 per hour
  • 1, 2 or 3 pocket Adamatic ADR-2 Divider Rounder
  • Intermediate Proofer with cross conveyor, fan and humidifier
  • 2-pocket stamping machine for a wide selection of rolls - kaiser rolls, split rolls, knot rolls, dinner rolls - white, rye, whole wheat and pumpernickel
  • Sheeter/moulder for French bread, Italian bread, hoagies, and other forms of loaf breads and rolls
  • Scaling and production weights may vary with different dough consistencies
  • Footprint approximately 10 ft x 10 ft