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180DC18 turn conveyor 1
90DC18 turn conveyor
180DC18 turn conveyor 2

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90-180 DC18 Turn Conveyors

90° and 180° Turn Conveyors allow you to design L-shaped or U-shaped donut lines to fit your available space.

Most Century Industrial donut lines are straight line systems. However, when an extended space is not available, Turn Conveyors can solve the problem. A 90° Turn Conveyor makes an L-shaped donut line. A 180° Turn Conveyor makes a U-shaped line. In addition, a Turn Conveyors provide extra time for donuts to cool down before icing or glazing. A Turn Conveyor can replace one Cooling Conveyor which is no longer necessary.  Speed can be adjusted for longer or shorter cooling time. 


18 inch (457 mm)

Model: 90DC18

90 degree turn

Model: 180DC18

180 degree turn


'Daisy chain' connection to donut line power supply





Donuts usually need to cool down before glazing or icing. Turn conveyors provide cooling time. As a result, if a Turn Conveyor is used, your donut line will require one less Cooling Conveyor.

  • Thick stainless steel wire conveyor belt.
  • Adjustable safety clutch that uncouples motor in the event of obstruction.
  • Variable speed drive to make cooling period longer or shorter.
  • Stainless steel construction with water-resistant motor and electrical connectors suitable for easy cleaning.
  • Powered by 'daisy chain' connection to donut fryer.
  • Note: Air blowing fans are not an option with Turn Conveyors.