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Donut Kit for Cut-N-Fry

For making Ring donuts and Old Fashioned's on Cut-N-Fry

If you want to make Ring donuts and Old Fashioned on your Cut-N-Fry, choose this Donut kit. The 1¾ inch plain plunger and cylinder will make medium to large donuts. If that is not exactly what you want, leave the Donut Kit aside and instead, choose from our available Type N plungers and cylinders to suit your preference! 

Part # 26029

Donut kit for Cut-N-Fry

(Included in Donut kit) Part # N-1007SSx1-3/4

Plunger - Type N - Plain, 1¾ inch

(Included in Donut kit) Part # N-1035L-Ax1-3/4

Cylinder - Type N, 1¾ inch